Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Monday, November 30, 2009

Ring Ring Gift Idea

"Ring-ring," the woman says into the can.   I just adore those Progresso soup commercials!  Do you?

When I was a child I tried to do the can and waxed string thing. It didn't work so well.    Last week a lot of us talked to our friends and family who live all over the world.   It was nice to catch up on each others lives and hear their voices.  Then there were those friends and family we couldn't talk to because they longer live in this world.

In December I may send a few people in my life a tin can with a waxed string attached, along with a note that reads, "Give me a ring."

What do you think? And hey, if you're one of my relatives or friends. Call.

Old GE phone and radio. Anyone remember when we used to have prefixes like TU for Tuxedo, PL for Plaza...? What are some other ones?


Hootin' Anni said...

Boy howdy do I ever remember these kinds of phones...AND! the can and string too. [I love the idea of sending in a package a string tied can...what a clever idea. LOL]

Oh ya, I remember the prefixes also. AND party lines. How I loved, as a kid, to listen into conversations between two 'old' ladies and their gossip issues. LOL [Now, I'm the 'old lady']

Terrific post.


Fun post! Numbers used to be so much simpler! ~ Angela

barefootinthesand said...

We used to be able to dial just the last four digits of a number if you were calling from the same exchange (so in town). Now to have to dial the area code too seems like work!

Andrea said...

The string and the can would be a gentle reminder that this life is too short not to keep in touch.
Blessings, andrea

The Tattered Cottage said...

Janean -
It is important to keep in touch with friends and family as our visit here is short. Seeing your tin cans brought a smile to my face. When I first moved to the small town I live in (1400) my dad teased me, saying "you are probably so far behind in technology that you have to use smoke signals" LOL. I sent him a package with two tin cans connected by a short string for "local" calls and an additional long length of string for "long distant calls" with a note assuring him "we do have modern conveniences"! LOL

Jackie said...

Absolutely great idea!

Life is too short and precious to not keep in contact and share life experiences! For me...it always enriches my life to get "caught up" with someone I've lost touch with over time!

Oh, FYI.....I'm having my first give-a-way....hope you'll stop by and enter!!

Sweet Blessings!

Mom2fur said...

My childhood phone number started with PRimrose 5, and my friends were at FLoral 2 and GEneral 7. I agree with Angela--it was easier to remember numbers back then. Frankly, I'm not too keen on 'word' numbers. It's a lot easier to see one number than one of those three letters.

Pondside said...

I have a collection of old and not-so-old phones. The kids just laugh at them. Do you remember the 'Princess phone'?
Keeping in touch is essential to me - phone, email, letter - but there's nothing like a chat, is there?

Sarah said...

I do remember the prefixes, party lines, operator assisted calls....guess this really dates me. Great idea to send the cans and string. LOL

marie said...

That's a great idea for a fun gift...with a message. I think I'll send out some cans to my long distance family memebers! Thanks for sharing.

Kerrie said...

I remember when we got our first phone. It was a party line and I had never heard my Dad's voice on the phone before. I had to stay after school to complete an art project for display. My teacher gave me a dime to call my Dad from the pay phone to let him know I would be late. When I heard his low booming voice, I thought I had the wrong number and hung up! That was in 2nd grade, too funny! Kerrie

Janean said...

Kerrie, what a touching story! We never had a party line, but my honey did in the country...up until the mid 1960's! You had to learn "courtesy" as not to listen in on other people's conversation and to allow others to time to talk, right?