Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've Fallen...

...off the internet scene. Since we moved to Old Sweetwater I upgraded to the HTC EVO smartphone. It does everything and is very entertaining...provided you're in a good 3G or 4G spot. We're not. Part of our retirement Mission Statement is to live as debt-free as possible, so no cable or internet; besides the *smart* phone would provide internet. Right? Right.

Anyway, until we either get a interior amplifier or I figure out phone posting, I'll be sporatic. I'll visit my sweet bloggy firends when I can. I miss you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have *a thing* for crystals. Give a crystal the tiniest amount of light and it'll sparkle its heart out. Old Sweetwater has crystal chandeliers...one for every room though they're not all up yet. This chandelier was an ugly brown kitchen light fixture at our lake community home. I panted it black, then dry-brushed it white to let the details show through. The 70's glass globes were removed and real crystals were draped everywhere! Who has any crystal? Our chandelier; Waterford Pitcher; crystal bracelet online; Silver and crystal chandelier; Winter snow crystals; Vera Wang winter crystal and tulle necklace; Fruit Compote and Crystal Lamp.

Friday, March 4, 2011

War...or Wire (Depending on Where You Live)

Once again we live in an area where people have an accent -- this time it's an Ozark accent. When we lived in Atlanta metro, I enjoyed the southern drawl, but the Ozark's accent is harsher sounding to my ears. *Wire* is pronounced by many here as *war.* Well, no matter how you say it, I adore decorating with it. Chicken wire is my favorite. Here are some examples. Do you have any *war* in your home?


Monday, February 28, 2011

Paper Dolls...Or Furniture?

As a child, I played for hours with paper dolls. Dreams of having lots of beautiful clothes and accessories would twirl around in my imagination. Sometimes wish I could just fold a few tabs and be instantly dressed - LOL! What about decorating? It would be great to have a grand selection of paper furniture and accessory that fit on a cardboard sample of one of my rooms. Sure, I have a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program and it's very helpful, but it isn't the same as paper...nor as easy, simple or fast. Would you rather play paper dolls or paper decor?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Woman of Mystery

February has me thinking of Love...and Mystery! Being *a woman of mystery* is not in my nature, but it sounds so romantic. This woman would be smart (I.Q. and emotionally), elegant and confident. She'd speak more than one language fluently and she'd be organized. Yes, organized. Imagine a sexy, mysterious woman frantically digging in her floppy, over-stuffed handbag trying to find her car keys or contact case? 
She'd be cosmopolitan (not the magazine; the definition). Occasionally she'd wear a vintage hat that shows one smokey eye and a hint of her ruby lips as she descends a grand staircase. What kind of home would she live in? What's one word you'd use to describe the woman of mystery?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Plastic or Paper?

This is moving crunch week! Ah, the humble, hard-working moving box. What does one do with them afterward? *Cricket sound* Yeah. Below are some pretty amazing ideas. Oh, by the way, we actually went with all new plastic color-coordinated bins because they're weather-proof, washable, reusable, non-mildew and stack-able inside each other without taking much storage room - important when you're downsizing. Ever make anything functional out of cardboard?

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Signs of Love

As a kid you found *love* was expressed in many unusual ways. Depending on your age, your admirer may have stuck his tongue out at you. This seems to be an enduring, international expression of love. *wink*   If you had long hair (like I did), he pulled your braids.  He may have passed you a note in class.  He may have shared his lunch. How about the Valentine class party? Your heart fluttered as you opened each cheap white envelope looking for HIS valentine. You read it and re-read it, right?  A *big spender* may give you a doll. There are endless expressions, but here are these examples.  Oh yeah, show me some love!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Valentine Story with a Twist

He was truly in love with her, but he needed to show her in a tangible way. He was not a *man of means* so what could he offer her as a token of his love? He needed to REALLY impress her. The idea came to him and... It. Was. Brilliant...literally. The next day he felt the diamond ring. The yellow gold was so smooth....
"Hello. Is this Tony's mother?" the teacher asked.
"Yes it is."
"I thought I'd better call you. Your son brought a diamond ring to class today..." she began.
"A what?"
"Yes. He had it in his desk. He planned to give it to his little girlfriend," the teacher continued, "It looks like the engagement ring to a wedding set. It's a little extravagant for a first-grader." 
"A diamond ring....a DIAMOND ring...." Mom shook her head trying to comprehend it.
That night you better believe my brother was taught a lesson about love, giving and taking...especially his mom's first wedding set. Anyone else love diamonds or diamond-inspired decor? Diamond tufted headboard; Diamond-cut crystal votive; Diamond wallpaper; Diamond tufted footstool; Diamond pattern marble floor; Diamond tufted leather chair; Diamond patterned iron fence.