Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sofa, Couch, Chesterfield, Divan, Davenport...

Depending on where you grew up and what era it was, you probably use one of these names in the title for the larger piece of furniture you sit (or lie) on.   I grew up saying *couch,* but now say  *sofa* because it seems....I don't know....less harsh-sounding and more hip, modern and chic. 
I've been casually looking for the perfect sofa.  I'm not trying to impress anyone, nor make a statement...I just want COMFORTABLE, but cottage-stylish.   It's nice to have friends help keep an eye out for you too.  Mary found a simple casual sofa.....

Fran found formal....very formal....

Suzie found a seriously silly sofa that lights up....why it does? We don't know.

Then Willow found the organic...as in cork. Call me *old fashioned* but I like a BACK on my couch sofa.

Megan even found a METAL torture device....divan.
Friends, I sooo appreciate your help, but I just want something like this......
Uh....Kitty, it looks VERY comfy, but to have to lint-brush myself after sitting on my davenport sofa...and I don't have a cat? No.
Doxie, thanks, but a little too high-stylized for me.   HELP!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out Of Africa Inspiration Decor

I've spent one night in a tent 40 years ago and never did it again. However, on the inspiration of the beautiful movie, "Out of Africa," I'm going to fantasize about spending a week or two in a tent.  Who's with me on this adventure? Photos from top: Most came from safari vacation options. Photo 2 - leather director chair;  Photo 4 - sea grass mat; Photo 6 - teak harvest table; Photo 9 - bring some music....the image of love.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Splish Splash I Was Takin' A Bath....

In 1958 Bobby Darin released the hit song, "Splish Splash" (I Was Takin' A Bath). People today still sing that catchy little tune. It's FUN...and how many songs have been about soap, suds, and bathing on a Saturday night? At Old Sweetwater we're planning on enlarging what's now the hall bath into the Master Bath, so I've been getting inspiration. Here are some images of the often overlooked Bath Room! Anyone NOT know this song? Has anyone used that new waterproof paper-like  membrane (Schluter or Noble are two companies) under tile? We're considering it for the new shower.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Blogging friends, my father passed away Monday morning. I was blessed to be at his side when he took his last breath.

Thank you for all your emails, comments, prayers and words of encouragement.

Big hugs,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Decor

My honey and I have a little weakness for clocks. We have a clock in every room except the dining room of our *lake house.* We have a grandfather clock, metal clocks, mantel clocks, cheap clocks and even an antique wooden clock that belonged to my dad's parents. How many clocks do you have in your home?  Photos: Mora Clocks (my favorites); Venetian Mirror clock online; Botanical inspired clock; Wonderful Kitchen clock online; Antique Silver-clad clock; Organic-inspired clock; Door Clock - cannot remember what blog I found this - let me know & I'll link it; Astronomy-inspired Sunburst clock; and Toaster Clock and Toasted clock! 


Friday, June 11, 2010

Pteridophyta Decor....er Fern Decor

I discovered early in my plant-growing years that I had a *knack* with ferns. My very favorite is the Maiden Hair fern, then the Asparagus or Foxtail fern and then the common Boston fern. Here are some ideas of decorating with the ferns or fern patterns. Are you fond on ferns? Got a favorite? Photos top to bottom: Fern patterned silk pillow online; Fern Lamp online; Maidenhair Fern in urn; Framed fern fronds; Fern-inspired area rug; Fern Green cabinet in kitchen; Fern napkin ring....and does anyone remember a very short-lived TV program, "Fernwood Tonight?"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Need Your Prayers

Bloggy friends, Saturday the family gathered to be by my father's side as he struggles to live in the Critical Care Unit at the hospital. I have a couple of weeks worth of posts that I preposted (like Old World Charm below), but I will not be able to answer via email or always publish your comments quickly. Please pray for us and leave you sweet comments. I'll try to update you about my dad. Big Hugs, Janean

Old World Charm

I adore *Old World Charm* in architecture and design. Everyone probably has their own personal idea of what old world charm looks like. Below are some images of what it looks like to me.  Do you lean toward Old World Charm, Mid-Century or Modern?