Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fox Hunting? Really?

A friend's parents owned a fox hunt-fox run farm. My honey and I were invited to witness a fox run so we drove the 12 hours to experience something new. We weren't going to hunt, just observe.  It was not what I expected. No-sirree-bob. 
We arrived with our host to see 8 other "good ol' boys" sitting around a campfire in their camouflage; their dogs off somewhere barking. They had one of those portable deep fryers going.  I was politely offered a lawn chair and then a fare of bread, coffee, fried chicken, fried potatoes, boiled corn on the cob and fried squirrel...WHAT?  Yes, squirrel. "Wasn't this a FOX hunt?" Then I noticed the old pickup still *fresh* with the day's killing food on the tailgate. My stomach lurched, but not wanting to appear *snooty* I accepted the chicken knowing it had been fried with the filthy rodent squirrel....besides they had rifles nearby.  
It was great chicken and thank the Lord we didn't get sick later. Has anyone eaten squirrel or been on a REAL fox hunt?
I was expecting hunters on horses not hunters with horsepower. I was expected cozy as in the bed, not cozy "campin' far" (camping fire). I pictured a proper English meal, not meal on wheels! "What about the poor foxes?" you may ask.....oh, they were perfectly safe!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A-Tisket A-Tasket....

I know summer is almost over...and call me crazy but I look forward to picnics in the Autumn more than any other time of year. We have a large picnic basket, but wondered about a new one since mine's been relegated to holding cleaning rags.  I found some baskets that may inspire you to plan an autumn picnic. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, it won't be long until temperatures cool off. Today there are blankets with plastic backs - so no dampness - and I bring classical piano music to play in the background while we eat our feast. Any other Autumn picnic-preferable people? Oval basket; Coffee Time Picnic Basket; Picnic for Two; Cottage Picnic Basket; Picnic Basket for Four; Picnic Tote; Picnic Backpack; Convertible Picnic Basket; Easy to See Basket and a most charming English Tea Picnic Basket! 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wicker Awesome....

I had a friend from New England that used to say, "Wicked awesome," when something was wonderful or amazing. A few years ago at an auction, I saw a "wicker awesome" set. I lost the bid, but wondered what the owners did with it. Here are some inspiring examples of Wicker - Awesome. Any other wicker fans? Antique wicker loveseat;  Antique Wicker Baby Carriage; Wicker for the back yard; Wicker Picnic Basket; Antique Heywood Chair online; Antique Settee;  Victorian Wicker Chair and Wicker Refreshment Cart.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Yellow Rose of Texas....

Did I just see my Texas friends throw their sweet lil' ol' hand over their lil' ol' hearts when they read my title? I don't know any of the words to this old song, but I was humming the melody yesterday and  wondered what kind of yellow rose decor ideas I could come up with. I matched the yellow with gray for a fresher take. Anyone born, lived or want to move to Texas?  Yellow Rose Cake Stand; Yellow Rose Brooch, Etsy; Yellow Shutters - Canada by Altered Schoolmarm; Yellow Rose with Tea Set; Yellow Cabinet & Gray Rug - Country Living; Yellow Rose Chair; Yellow Door with Barn Door Hardware; Yellow & Gray Sun room; Yellow KitchenAid and Dale Evans performing "The Yellow Rose of Texas!"


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Garden Carts or Buggies?

When we lived in Atlanta everyone referred to the store's shopping carts as *buggies.* It got me wondering if my Southern friends say garden buggies instead of garden carts. I'll have to ask. Anyway, I've always had one and have used them for painting baseboard and sanding/staining floors MORE than gardening. Here are some garden cart ideas and the goal of having them! Anyone else a garden cart (buggy) fan? Mine is like the last humble photo, but it has paint splatters on it and duct tape now holding one wheel together - ugh!  :)    And no, these are not my gardens (only in my dreams).