Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Friday, January 9, 2015

Location, Location, Location

I was reminded of a truth recently: location.... We moved the secretary into the living room with a few garden accessories, [Spring will be here in a few weeks], and it just "clicked." She may be small, but she's a hard working office gal who needed to be out front in a place where she could be accessible and appreciated from all angles. She's got a bit of *bling* but is a no-nonsense organizer.  Yeah, we're gonna get along just fine!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Office Assistant or Secretary?

It's a secretary in this case...one I decided to partially strip to the green paint. It's a sweet piece we got for a *steal* at an auction three years ago because it was painted one bad coat of white. I planned on using it as our "Office," but there's something about it I don't like. Is it the shelves? The style? The location? Help me! Maybe I'm just not the secretary type? 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

1 Step Forward, 3 Seps Back Cha Cha

That's the dance of a major renovation. Do not attempt one unless you're very patient, highly motivated and are not easily discouraged...none of which I believed we were, but we can see the trophy and are dancing like crazy to win [metaphorically speaking].

We have ice after replacing the faulty compression valve. We have hot water after replacing a fitting that had the wrong glue....cha-cha-cha.

The dance steps have switched to 1 step back; 3 steps forward. That's progress. Yay!

You can't appreciate where you are until you remember where you were. At the bottom is where we were...after we already tore out the old plaster!

The beautiful new stove arrived Tuesday-photos to come. The quartz stone tile looked too new so I aged them with soot-gray and white. The brick is from the 1867 fireplace!