Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Breakfast

Most Christmas morns we make breakfast before we open gifts. It's different each year - just whatever our taste buds dictate. Sometimes toast and coffee and other times, it's a large breakfast. This year I was leaning toward *gourmet.*  Hot biscuits with Vermont butter and Pineapple Vanilla Preserves, smoked thick-sliced bacon and ham from Dean and Delucas. A spinach-mushroom quiche accompanied with fresh squeeze orange juice and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.  
Oh....sorry, let me answer the phone. "Hello? What??? The *HOT* sign is on at Krispy Kreme? Are you sure? When did it come on? Just NOW? I'm there!"  Hey, the sign is red and green, which just screams *Christmas* to us!  LOL!!  Did you have breakfast on Christmas morning or not?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nutcracker Ballet on Christmas Eve

A few years ago my mom, my granddaughter and I went to the Nutcracker ballet on Christmas Eve! We wore our very best and joined about 5,000 others (mostly female) at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia to watch *fluid beauty* that's been captivating audiences for fifty years. 
We were thrilled at snow falling on the audience and the 1929 custom-built 3,622 piped organ rise up from the floor during intermission!  It was my mother's first and last time to the ballet, but it holds such wonderful memories. Afterward, my honey and dad picked us up and took us to the Cheesecake Factory in Buckhead for early dinner! 
I bought my first Nutcracker this year to be a gentle reminder of one very special afternoon. Anyone else collect nutcrackers or seen the ballet? 
Merry Christmas all!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas on the Plaza

We're very blessed to have a magnificent place to go...especially during Christmas. It's the Country Club Plaza (pictured below). It really is like the song, *City sidewalks busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style. In the air there's a feeling of Christmas. Children laughing; people passing; meeting smile after smile...* After walking in the brisk air, it's time to relax with a mug of hot cocoa and watch the other shoppers and horse-drawn carriages.  Is there a special place YOU enjoy going during the holidays?

Sunday, December 12, 2010


My sister (in law, which is just a technicality) and I adore the movie, *Fiddler on the Roof.* One of the songs is entitled, "Tradition." I tend toward tradition with Christmas -- even white (to me) is traditional. Well, here's the traditional green and red, but with a little twist. Are you traditional, transitional or a tradition-breaker?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Give Away Winner Is....

How much fun was the Give Away? LOTS! It is *more blessed to give than receive,* but I'm sure RITA (number 9) will still be happy that she won. I want to thank everyone for their participation and sweet comments. 
NOW, I've got a brand new silver necklace that has an inscription about friends, and I'm thinkin' it should be limited to those of you who are already Followers - 446 of my closest blogging friends --- Pictures and details coming soon!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Give Away-Love is the Key!

This is a *no gimmick* Give Away! That means...you don't have to become a follower or mention it on your blog...you can enter by just leaving a comment. To me Christmas = free gift of love and gold, so the theme is *Love is the Key.*  
Eco Natural Soaps joined with me (read their story ). Here's what you'll receive: 2 fabulous organic generous sized body soaps; 1 organic body balm; 1 organic lip balm (all in Peppermint!) and large bar of the Chef's Friend Odor Remover Soap for the kitchen (organic). 
I'm adding a new vintage-inspired toile clothespin apron, a *love* banner; a necklace; a beautiful golden snowflake ornament; a picture frame and a cross with a description of Love....oh, and a store-sealed box of premium cocoa mix in six individual sealed packets inside (forgot to put it in the picture). I'll use the True Random Number Generator to determine the winner, who'll be announced by noon on Saturday, December 11! P.S. Make sure I can email you!  

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last Look at the Bedroom

This is the last look at the white bedroom for a while. You have  been so sweet to encourage me. The bedroom has many small details left, but I want to enjoy searching for them. For example, I want a very narrow, but long *distressed* bench at the end of the bed for the coverlet at night - maybe in a chippy-weathered gray? I'll be sewing pillow shams; buying a white woolen throw for the foot of the bed; and accessories like those ice skates pictured below, etc.  I left these coffee-colored sheets on the bed for the photos, but I'll use white most of the time. 
The Cost: Baroque Sconces-ten years old; Picot Hemstitch Cal-King bed skirt $60.00 at Target; Matching king pillowcase set $50.00;  Cal-King 300 count Quilted Coverlet - regularly $250.00 was $64.00 on clearance at JCPenny Home; Tables with beautiful real marble tops (free) - just painted them - pictured *before* below; Ceramic dog - purchased with home. Next Post will be a *no gimmicks* GIVE-AWAY!!!