Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rustling Silk Pleats...

Silk taffeta is one of my favorite fabrics for drapes, but it can be pricey...up to $100.00 a yard! When I spotted this white, heavy ribbed silk taffeta at an absolute STEAL,  I grabbed a bolt and bolted for the cutting table! I've wanted pleated edging on drapes for years, but dreaded the cost and labor-intensive-ness (is this a word?). This bedroom has one window, so no big deal. Also found this super-sheer silk organza (4th photo) so we can clearly watch the sunset, snow fall or stars sparkle! Six yards of heavy taffeta at $7.00 a yard -- Shhhh, don't tell this backwoods store.  Three yards of embroidered silk organza at $7.00 a yard! The window's a north exposure, so I didn't line them. Anyone else think the *swish-sound of taffeta* is uber-feminine-sexy-romantic? Photo 5: I wanted an *old tin look* on the cornice with the old plaster look walls, so I used superfresco tin wallpaper and distressed it to look a little rusted.
I used extra wide bias tape where the pleat was sewn to the drape because silk taffeta ravels...badly!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Queen?

It is a wonderful feeling when you actually look forward to entering a room. Our master-guest bedroom is that room for me. As I gaze at the vintage, sparkling crystal chandelier and observe each detail, I feel like a queen in my own itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny, microscopic kingdom...a snow queen with all this white. Read my sidebar: white calms me. Calm is good because I'm one of those people whose brain seldom turns off. I'm always creating or trying to solve problems...so calm is a daily goal. Is anyone else like this
We decided to *gut* the small walk-in closet and build it out with double rods and several shelves. It holds an amazing amount of clothes and shoes now. Yay!  Photos: 1. Metal crown and crackled urn on vintage wooden wall hanging I've had *forever;*  2. Closet build-out; 3 and 4. Crystal Lamps (very heavy) I got on clearance for $47.00 each instead of $300.00 each! 5. Vintage mercury heart to put on petal plate...or my final choice 6. Silver Cowgirl buckle that was a gift from my brother and SIL; 7 and 8. Vintage chair I painted and recovered...Look closer. I used a terry cloth towel! 9. Winter tree candle holders that add a wintry glow on my wish list.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Armoire is Done!!

We bought this nearly eight-foot armoire nine years ago. It had a cherry finish then. A couple of months ago I began the process of painting and antiquing the carved details on it. I sewed the curtains out of soft 300 count cotton sheered onto two spring curtain rods to add a soft back-drop. Since we don't have a linen closet in the en-suite bedroom (which eventually will be the guest bedroom-bath), I decided to use the armoire. Apothecary jars will replace the black/white boxes that I had laying around, for bar soap and extra toiletries (shown below). Later the extra set of sheets went in one of the smaller drawers. These are my old *work* towels, NOT my fluffiest-best towels, but I was excited to get photos. Hope you like it. Anyone else have a *working armoire?* Cost: Floor vent $21.00; Paint $15.00; Two spring rods-$8.00; Fabric-sale $8.00! Apothecary jars range from $19-$49.00 each, depending on size and where you buy them. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

More Of Our White Bedroom

I know it's near Thanksgiving, but please indulge me in showing our white bedroom in the next few posts (though we're still doing finishing touches). Click here to see what it began as when we bought the home and scroll down. I'll start with our autumn/Thanksgiving decor for that room. I adore those white pumpkins, so I bought this on which was originally $20, on sale for $7. The $40 wreath was on sale for $12.00. I had extra bittersweet, so no cost. Yay! The vase is one of two I purchased eight years ago and the column is VINTAGE - over 20 years old. The wreath's the only color in our all white bedroom. Next month I plan on setting a small Christmas tree on the column. What about those bargains? P.S. There's a rumor around the cottage that there will be a give-away in December!!!!!!

Okay, did I happen to mention the pumpkin is an impostor, fake, phony, faux  isn't real? It's a FUNkin. The best thing is I can use it over and over...year after year. Double yay!

Even up close, it looks absolutely real! Anyone else have a FUNkin? p.s. I'm linking to Colorado Lady Vintage Thursday

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pleasant Pheasant

I was given a pheasant pelt (complete with the tail feathers) about 25 years ago.  I mounted it on a grape wreath vine and embellished it with bittersweet, magnolia leaves and other autumnal foliage...I was enamored!  From then on I wanted pheasant feathers in my decor. Though long, quality feathers can be costly, they are much more reasonable and available today than all those years ago. Does anyone else like or use pheasant feathers? Photos: 1) I have several pheasant ornaments; pheasant placemats from Twiggery; Pheasant lamp from Old Wildlife Decor; needlepoint pillow from Decor Medley;  handbag from Ferragamo; dishes from Pottery Barn (now unavailable); pheasant boutonniere; pheasant writing lap desk from Robin King Designs; this last one....vintage and a little over the top!


Friday, November 5, 2010

I Adore Harvest Tables

I've always wanted a narrow antique harvest table IN the center of the kitchen as a place to eat and prepare food. It reminds me in history, how servants would serve dinner in the formal dining room to the master of the house, but ate  in the kitchen at the *harvest* table. It seems honest, unpretentious and wholesome to me. By definition, a harvest table should be six to eight feet long and usually has hinged drop-leaves and/or drawers. Here are some nice examples. Anyone got one?