Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Monday, February 28, 2011

Paper Dolls...Or Furniture?

As a child, I played for hours with paper dolls. Dreams of having lots of beautiful clothes and accessories would twirl around in my imagination. Sometimes wish I could just fold a few tabs and be instantly dressed - LOL! What about decorating? It would be great to have a grand selection of paper furniture and accessory that fit on a cardboard sample of one of my rooms. Sure, I have a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program and it's very helpful, but it isn't the same as paper...nor as easy, simple or fast. Would you rather play paper dolls or paper decor?


Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Both!!! When I was little we really couldn't afford paper dolls from the store, so Mama taught me how to make paper dolls from the Sears catalog and my Dad's uniform shirt cardboard. Then, when I got the dolls made, I made furniture for them! It wasn't fancy, but it was sure fun to make! Is there any wonder my favorite hobby now is papercrafting??? Hope all is well with you - I'm busy being busy and having fun for a change! Blessings, Becky

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Weren't they wonderful. Couldn't wait for my Mom's McCall's magazine to come, so I could cut out the Betsy McCall paper dolls and clothes! I also loved my Colorforms!

Marina Mott said...

Great post!! I love it too!!! xx

Dolores said...

Oh goodness..... I love all the images that you've shown!

I spent many an hour playing paper dolls..... such good memories!
I had some movie star paper dolls; they were my favorite.

NanaDiana said...

I loved paper dolls too! And, I have notebooks full of "paper designs" too. It is like a mini-escape from reality when I go through those notebooks. Hugs-Diana

Suz said...

Oh that's a tough one
I love clothes and shoes
But i love decorating and shopping for items
so I guess I'll say decorating
Both are expressive of who we are
I once read.. to know yourself look at your house..it tells the world..everyone.. what you value and love

Linda said...

All of that is lovely! :) As to paper dolls, Mom used to give my sisters and I the Sears and JcPenney catalogs when she was done with them and we would cut out the people in the catalogs and use them as paper dolls. No change of clothes, but since there were many of the same models wearing different attire, we had quite a collection, lol. It's funny how something so simple and free brought us so much joy back then.

Pondside said...

I was a paper doll girl, myself. Last year, for her birthday, my niece received a complete house with furniture, lamps and all accessories made of paper. I can't remember the proper name, but it was what a stage designer makes and uses for a large theatrical production. It was a challenge to put together!

Farm Girl said...

When I was little, my great grandmother lived next door to my grandmother and I would go to her house and sit in the floor and she would bring out this old cigar box, the wooden kind and in it was these old, old paper dolls. I would sit for hours and dress them. You always make me remember things I had forgot. The dolls were a heavy kind of card board and then I had never seen clothes like I put on those dolls.
I wonder what happened to them.
Thanks Janean,

It's me said...

So sweet...i have my papaer doll yet from my youth !!...so nice.......lovely week darling....love Ria.....xxx..

Pamela said...

I love paper dolls and still have some!!
I just love these photos of Annie from Euro Trash's home! So so gorgeous!

Deanna said...

paper dolls were delightful to play with!

do you remember Betsy McCall from the magazine?


HI Janean,

I adored Betsy McCall and looked forward to mom's new magazine each month. I think I'd rather play paper decor these days though!

Have a great week,

Fairfield House said...


I had something similar to what Pondside describes her grand-daughter has -- the house, furniture and people w/clothes were all made of paper. I would sit for hours lost in that world of make believe.
Each photograph is more beautiful than the last.

Your Friend,

Susan said...

Oh, I did love the Betsy McCall paper dolls! I actually had a Betsy McCall doll too, My Mom handknit a shoebox full of doll clothes for her! Thanks for the memories!

Bernie said...

Loved playing with paper dolls, especially being able to choose the outfit, shoes and colors. Spent many hours doing this my friend and had forgotten about them. Thank you for the memories.

Barb said...

Hi Janean!

I loved paper dolls too! My favorite paper dolls were the Lennon Sisters, I played with them for hours on end - I would still love to find some of the originals. Like others who commented, I can remember cutting paper dolls out of the Sears catalog and also just drawing them and making their clothes out of bits of fabric my mother would save.

I love the furniture too - love the muted colors and the gorgeous detail!


1 Funky Woman said...

Loved paper dolls when I was little, and I was so careful with them. They were like my little baby! I'd have to say paper dolls to play with my daughter but decor for me!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I still love paper dolls! ♥♥♥

On Crooked Creek said...

What a wonderful walk down memory lane! Betsy McCall was my favorite paper doll! I had others. . .but she was just the right size for my (small) hands! I've kept all my Home Companion Magazines through the years to savor the paper dolls! Still intact! Who knows someday there could be a litlle girl I'd like to share them with! Thank you for such a sweet post!

Karen said...

Hmmmm, I did play with paper dolls, but never with paper furniture. Might be fun.:P

Mari said...

I have to say paper dolls. I love them, I used to play hours with them. I also was inspired to study fashion design by them. Paper decor, only when I remodel or move. Great pics.

Have a wonderful week :)

Rita said...

when I was young I would have said, "Paper dolls, paper dolls, paper dolls"! My sister and I played hours on end with paperdolls. Now I'd have to say "Paper decor!" Ahhh!

Busy As Can Be said...

I love the paper dolls! Darling!

kpaints said...

You do bring up wonderful memories! I remember cutting Betsy McCall out of my Mom's magazines!

Linda Hoye said...

I used to love paper dolls! In fact, I went through a phase where I cut out faces from the Sears catalog and made them my paper doll family. I spent hours with those images! Recently I bought my granddaughter a little doll that has snap-on clothes. It's kind of a modern form of paper doll for a two-year old! I loved the images in this post; they fit right in with my personal taste.

Bevery @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

You are so funny. Folding tabs and being beautifully dressed would suit me just fine.
I loved playing paper dolls as a little girl and the big girl in me would love to do the same with decorating. Some great pictures with lovely rooms especially the first bedroom. Cute paper dolls too.

Julie said...

Loving all these photos. I do remember playing with paper dolls. Such fun. And then always loved to see the Mary Engelbreit cut outs in her Home Companion magazine issues each month. Course I didn't cut them out, but I did save every issue. Maybe...one day...with a granddaughter???!! Hugs to you Janean. Hope things have settled down for you. I think I am ready to rev up and do what you have just done. :-)

Sylvia said...

Beautiful decors, Janean !
I remember those paper dolls, I loved playing with them.
Yours are so cute !