Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Monday, October 19, 2009

Travel-Weary Guests

I'm no bed and breakfast like the Kingsley House pictured here. Never wanted to be. However, in my life I've had a bit of overnight company as you probably have.
With holidays soon to arrive, a lot of us may be thinking about sprucing the place up in anticipation of company.
One of my things to do is leave a dish of decadent candy by the guest's bed.
I buy new towels, wash cloths and hand towels (white, of course) for the days they'll be staying. The bonus is we get new towels to use after company leaves.
What are some special things you do to decorate or make your home cozy for guests?


Life At Camellia Cottage said...

A carafe of water beside the bed, as well as a few good magazines. And a box of tissues covered in a vintage doily box cozy and a little vase of home grown flowers in season.

I love having a warm and comfortable home where guests can feel relaxed and treasured when they visit.

Suz said...

The only guests I have are my visiting children. I make sure the bed has the freshest crispest white sheets. The pillows are plumped and their favorite quilt is folded at the end of the bed. I make sure there is tissue,a flashlight,and a few yoga,health and pilates magazines for my daughter and daughter in law. And of course, the room is misted with gathered full moon water infused with lavender.

Rachael said...

I as well have the bright white towels, on the bed. But I also leave a basket in that guest bathroom on the mini shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush & tooth paste (Just in case). We also have two guest robes (they are white as well) that I make sure are fresh from the dryer and hung on the door for them!

Jill Elaine said...

Love your idea of buying new towels for guests:) What kind of towels do you buy? The last new towels I bought for us still do not dry you off very well:( What kind do I buy that will dry you well from day one instead of years later when they are almost worn out?
I don't have lots of overnight company as we don't have lots of extra room. It's been years, actually since we had more than just the kids friends overnight. I think it sounds kinda fun to have overnight guests now and then when we are finally done with remodeling our upstairs bedrooms.

Janean said...

Sweet ideas!
Jill Elaine, I usually buy towels from Bed, Bath & Beyond, on sale preferably. I do not buy the velour or velvet finish because they are not absorbent. Fabric softeners will not allow towels to absorbent either.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

So nice - I always buy a candle for their room/bathroom. Well, I buy two - one we use when they're here, one they take home with them.

Dogwood said...

Love all the great and sweet ideas for guests. My daughter and her husband always come to our house for Thanksmas. We celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday and then Christmas on Friday. Lots of sweet family time. I put new magazines in the guest room along with some little favor for them to take home.

Mimi said...

Crisp white sheets like hotels; I ♥ them! I also like to leave a variety of reading material for my guests. I like the idea of getting new towels for guests and then using them later. The only time I buy new ones is when I re-do the colors in the bath, which isn't often.