Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cake Dean & DeLuca's Way

Dean and DeLuca is a store we are fortunate to have in our metro.
In my humble opinion, it's a gourmet store beyond gourmet stores.
Here is their pumpkin cake.
Under the white chocolate shell is six - count them - six layers of moist vanilla spice cake sandwiching praline buttercream and rich chocolate fudge. Oh my.
At $120, these cakes are not for the financially challenged. 
However, maybe it will inspire you to make your own version...or pay a friend to make you something similar?
Anyone else like D & D?



Mrs. Adventure said...

That cake looks wonderful, yesterday I posted about a cider I ordered have you tried that one? Maybe D&D carries it?

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Those are beautiful cakes, and the layers look even better! And no, there's no D&D in my area which is probably a good thing! Have a great weekend! Becky

randi said...

These cakes are so cute!

Jill Elaine said...

Looks and sounds delicious! I can feel it settling on my hips just looking at it!!!
I may have to make on for the holidays.

Suz said...

uh...I could do that!?!?

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

You know, I can see why there'd be a 120 price tag on the cake- it takes time to make it look so freaking perfect. And I would love to eat one. I figure though the safest thing to do, for the sake of my hips and my checkbook, would be to just make the spice cake sans frosting, and pretend it's a fancy pumpkin!

Dolly said...

I wonder if they taste as good as they look.
Thanks for visiting!

fairmaiden said...

Wow! I remember Dean and DeLucas. We lived in Oletha, KS and Belton, MO. almost 10yrs. ago. We only lived there for 18mos. but it seemed like 5yrs. Kansas City, MO became home to me in those long months. I loved it there. But I was terribly homesick for California the place that I was born and raised. It is so nice to meet you...what part of MO do you live in? Anywhere near KS?