Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Base Rock Rocks!

"It looks like chat," I said.
"It's BASE rock," he replied.
"If you say so. It looks like chat and it looks like a LOT more than we need."
"Trust me," he said.
(Selling each other on ideas is what we do.)

Clorox clean dirt. Check.
Base rock. $130.00 delivered. Check.
Shovels. Check.
Motrin. Check.

Lanterns, Pottery Barn


LV said...

You came up with a neat Outdoor Wednesday blog. I am not sure what it is, but looks like a lot of hard work. Glad you took time out to visit me today.

Stacey said...

Sounds like hard work! That kind of project always makes me happy with the outcome though. :)

kimsound studios said...

Is it rust? or Vintage?

Donna said...

You will rest well at the end of the day.

Kimberly said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog to comment on my apron. This is the first time I have visited your blog. It's very nice. Looooove your carriage house out back. Sigh . . . What fun.

Pondside said...

Oh dear - you do have your work cut out for you. If we were smart, we readers would start buying stock in the company that makes Motrin!

ParisBreakfasts said...

I can see that you REALLY are orderly!
Don't be fooled by my photos.
All I do is go click!