Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pumkins, HUGE Pumpkins

We went to Sam's Club for the usual bulk necessities like 36 rolls of T.P., 3 gallon-sized bottles of  chlorine bleach (ya know I'm a sucker for laundry products), and 50 pounds of meat...
Well, maybe not 50 pounds.
Okay five or six pounds!
Our cart was full ("buggy" if you're in the south).
We had yummy things like multi-color bell peppers, organic spinach, four large bags of chips.
Yeah. Four LARGE bags. My other half has a weakness for them.
My honey: "You have to buy two at a time. It's the way they're sold. Two-fers."
I narrow my eyes.
My honey continues, "At the check-out they'll make me go back, so I'm just saving us time and aggravation..."
He wins.
Anyway, we're heading to the check-out, when on the way we see boxes of pumpkins.
Not your average pumpkins.
These were on steriods.
We slowed down just to stare.
A number of people were gathering to see these splendid pumpkins.
I looked at my honey and reading my mind he said, "We'd have to ask two Sam's employees to come home with us and unload that thing."
"Yeah, you're right," I agreed.
Just then a young man walked up beside us to the next check-out carrying a mammoth pumpkin on his shoulder to take home.
"Or...we'd have to be in our twenties again." I continued.
We both smiled and winked, and paid for our chips.
Any giant pumkin lovers?


bikim said...

Wow!! love that pumpkin and your autumn photos on previous blogs. have a beautiful day,

julie said...

Oh, wish I were there to grab a couple giant pumpkins. They seem to be very scarce in our area this year and we've had to settle for much smaller ones than usual. I think I'm driving my husband crazy because every time we go out my eyes are on the hunt for giant pumpkins.

Stacey said...

One of my good friends just got a bunch at Sam's too. Hers are gigantic and they were $8.88. I must go soon.

ANestWithAView said...

Yes. I do love them. And, were you taking pictures of the pumpkins at Sam's?

I respect that...

Dawn said...

So...you left the giant pumpkin and saved your energy for something else? Good for you! Just think how hard it would have been to carve that baby! At least we wise up after our twenties.