Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Saturday, September 12, 2009


This stately gentleman is in our grand room at Old Sweetwater.
I had a similar one made of concrete when we lived in the South. It had the natural patina from being left in the weather for 14 years ---- beautiful.
The movers accidentally left "him" behind, still guarding the back garden. *sigh* Or was it because "he" was so stinking heavy????
When I finally figured out "he" was missing, I was nearly 1,000 miles away and too absorbed with life to cry or whine about it.
About two years ago, to my surprise, I inherited this statue. My mom was an avid statue-lover. I was so happy to have a replacement for "David," (my other bust's name).
However, I realized this guy doesn't have a name.
Any suggestions?


Kimsound said...

The "noble" man. The chisled-look suggest that it may be 18th century. It has a Irish look. Do you have the history on this bust. Beautiful picture!

Dawn said...

Hi Janean!
Thanks for stopping by our little cottage. It took me a while to get over after a busy Labor Day weekend and a week with a sick daughter.
Enjoyed your blog. Wonderful photos and stories!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Janean said...

Thank you, Dawn for stopping by & your kind comments! Glad your DD is better. Kim, an Irish or Welch name would be FAB. I'm off to ponder that...

Anonymous said...

Great bust. Tom Jones after the Welsh singer? Or Marc? That has its roots in Wales.