Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Brunch

One year, after church, we went to brunch at a high-class restaurant the first Sunday of the year.  Coming in from the frozen street, we enjoyed the warmth and the seats that were upholstered in a warm gray suede.  
The crystal glasses reflected brilliant colors on the white crisp linen.  The restaurant had a omelet bar.   Doesn't an omelet seem healthier than scrambled eggs?  Anyway, it was delicious.   So, sit down and enjoy this almost-egg white omelet  -- I actually allow one yolk for every 4 egg whites so it's not so anemic.  It has red pepper and fresh mushrooms.   Here's some mixed fruit juice and turkey bacon.  What do you have planned for today?  All Recipes has some excellent omelet ideas.  This is a example of classic warm gray seating. Click on photo for site.


Feelings said...

I agree, that an omelet looks healthier than scrambled eggs, but that´s what I got for breakfast, yesterday...=)

Lovely story, as everyone of your stories are... I really travel back in time, reading them.

Wish you a wonderful Sunday!

Love /

Marina Mott said...

So gorgeous!!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I have eggs nearly every morning for breakfast as we have 10 layers and are getting between 6-9 eggs daily. I believe my eggs are likely healthier for you than store bought, so I don't hesitate to eat their yolks. SO delicious, any which way you fix 'em!

Cora said...

Love some eggs and some omelets!
Sounds like a wonderful place to relax a bit and enjoy!
I was good this morning and had my Cheerios :)
Got to go get ready for church now :)
Blessings to you!

Kelli said...

I think any food is allowable, IN MODERATION. That's the part most folks have the problem with. Kinda like me when it comes to chocolate. ;) I love omelets but don't make them often. After seeing this, perhaps today??? :)

Pondside said...

Is there anything nicer than breakfast or brunch served to you? This morning it was toast and coffee in the kitchen, watching grandbabies play on the warm floor. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but The Great Dane should expect to take me out for breakfast once everyone has gone back home!

Suz said...

Eggs taste scruptious with a side order of memory


Lovely! ~ Angela

gin said...

Your omelet looks delicious!! I didn't get breakfast made this morning, but we did go to Santa Fe Restaurant for an inbetween lunch and dinner meal. By that time we were starving and the meal was pretty good. Especially the large garden salad. And the hot rolls. By the time my main course arrived, I wasn't even hungry. And yes, I remember those petticoats. I remember them being stiff and always getting a new one for our Easter dress...

Anonymous said...

Oh I do so love eggs and bacon! That looks fabo indeed. Brunch on the weekends is the best time to gather and eat.

We have a place with a 30 min drive from here called Fearrington Village and on Saturday mornings only they serve brunch.. holy cow.. what a treat.

Love the couch and the color of it.

with love,

Draffin Bears said...

Lovely post and isn't it great to remember times and places like this.
Your Sunday brunch sounds delicious.

Happy Sunday

Technodoll said...

Looks absolutely delish! Mmmm!

I eat the whole egg since I collect them from the girls' nests every morning, thems good stuff.

Turkey bacon, is it tasty?