Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Doors, Charleston and Oysters

2010 is a new chapter...a door unopened.   One of my favorite things is a TALL door.  A few years ago my honey and I stayed at the John Rutledge House in Charleston, South Carolina.  Be still my heart!  Our suite had 14 foot ceilings with 9 foot oak doors! The doors between the grand living room and huge master suite were pocket doors.  A girl can feel like a princess in a joint like that. *wink*
Here's a couple examples of antique doors -- both about 100 inches tall.  Anyone been to Charleston? Has anyone eaten their famous fried oysters?? oooooweee! Anyone else like or collect doorknobs?


The Lucy and Dick Show said...

We often take door pictures when we're away. They can have so much character!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Janeen,
Hubby and I were in Charleston this past summer and absolutely loved it! The doors, yes I took pics they are fabulous! I haven't tried oysters but that sounds very yummy! HAPPY WEEK-END, Cindy

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

LOVE Charleston! We're camping for a week in Beaufort, SC in a few months, so I hope that we'll get to do a day trip to Charleston!

I also love doors and doorknobs.

But oysters, no thank you, they ae nasty, vile critters that sit in the water and syphon the water through their system for food, and they take in anything that is in the water, good or bad. Nope, No siree! You can have your oysters, LOL!!!

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Charleston is one of my favorite places in the world. A few years ago I went there to run the Cooper River Bridge 10K and ate so much delicious food at Hyman's downtown, I thought I was going to have to be hospitalized!! LOL!

Those doors are just beautiful... I love the old door knobs, too. I always try to save the original hardware when working to restore old homes. Love 'em!

Sandy said...

Yes I have eaten the oysters and any other food from Charleston I could get my hands on. Sea food is my fav. I lived outside of Charleston for a number of years. The John Rutledge house is sooo beautiful. Thanks for sharring and bring back memories. I hope to go back down in about a month, I need to get out of the cold and snow for a bit.

vintage girl at heart said...

Love Charleston so much!!
~ We took a girls only road trip there about two years ago.. so much fun!!!
The oysters.. yumola!!! I miss my fresh seafood here but found a little bistro here that has a fried oyster and jalepeno salad that is scrumptous!!!
Love that architecture!!
Glad you had a good time!

Donna said...

First of all, I laughed out loud when I saw your comment this morning on my landline phone post! Too funny!

I LOVE old doors, such as the one in your header. Old doorknobs too! The stories they could tell! We've been the Charleston three times, I think (not since we've had digital cameras, though - sigh). What a great vacation destination! The last time there, we stayed at Middleton Place and had free reign of the magnificent grounds. The dinners there were out of this world, with authentic regional dishes prepared by local ladies who know how to cook! Ah, you make we want to go back there now for another visit!!!

And a little tidbit - my former eye doctor (now retired) grew up in the Roper House! Can you imagine living in a place so grand?!

Anonymous said...

i had oysters once - in a restaurant in paris - they were served raw, sitting on shaved ice. ewww. tasted absolutely horrid!!!

but thank you for visiting me and for your sweet comment. Do come back again :)

Rita said...

Sounds like a fabulous place you went to. I've been there, but didn't stay overnight. Old doors have such character. My husband loves oysters, but I don't care for them. I sure love those shrimp though!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Janean.

I have never been to Charleston but it is on my list of places to go! I bet all these ladies saying 'eww, oysters' love pearls. I do all things old and am always drawn to details ie; doors, door knobs, etc.
I love the door knob you have pictured above. So intricate.

Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Charleston is a little bit of heaven on earth! The homes, the gardens, the people, the food - it is one delight after another and I would love to go back! I must have taken 300 photographs in Charleston, I did! Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

Sarah said...

We've been to Charleston twice in recent years, and I hope to return next fall. I, too, am a fan of doors and door knobs. Don't collect either, but I find myself taking photos of both when traveling. I have a collection of photos that feature door knockers in the form of hands. I think it is most interesting to focus in on little details like this when visiting a foreign country. Enjoyed your post! ~ Sarah

Lorilee said...

I adore old doors and doorknobs. My SIL and I went to Gonzales, Texas this summer to visit a the architectural salvage store there! It was awesome!

Keetha Broyles said...

Those doors are awesome.

In my opinion, which is quite worthless I will admit, the ONLY edible oyster is a fried one.

Cora said...

Now you've made me hungry for fried oysters!! The doors are beautiful. I love doorknobs and purchase them whenever I find one and the price is right, especially old ones!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love big, ornate doors, too Janean. Great pics!

We stayed in Charleston last April and loved it. I thought I ate everything they had to offer, but I must have missed the oysters. Maybe not, the great food is a blur now! lol!!


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

I never thought about taking pictures of doors...But I so love the looks of french doors...Many Blessings to you today my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Graceful Moments said...

I am a big door fan! I used to go to Red Baron's Architectural Antiques and drool over the doors there (before they were so big and famous.)
Crystal door knobs...so classy!
Yes to being in Charleston, many times...daughter lives in Mt. Peasant. No to the oysters. Not a fan of them. For me it's shrimp and grits! Oh so wonderful with those creamy stone ground grits!

Sares said...

Never been to Charleston. but I've always wanted to go, it's so far away though! I love old doors too, they are so fascinating. However i think I will take a pass on the oysters! Have a terrific weekend and thank you for coming by to visit!

Just Breathe said...

I do love old doorknobs like you have pictured and love doors too!
I don't actually collect but always admire!

Julie Harward said...


Gabriella Szabev said...

Hi Janeen

I was in Charleston several years ago. I walked around the old city by horse-drawn carriages. This town is a jewel-box. Unfortunately, I have not seen the house.
The old houses, furnitures, doors, locks I really like! If you want to see some of them on my photography site.

Have a nice weekend!


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Oooohh, I love Charleston, visited only once about 10 years ago. And one of my faves is fried oysters. My mom used to fix them when I was growing up. But I have to douse them in spicy catsup. yeah.

Anonymous said...

Being in North Carolina.. oyster season will open up shortly here.. and boy are they sweet and yummy.

I love oysters prepared everyway one can! I even stuff shrooms' with em!

I'm soo glad you're home and that you have oodles of tales to tell!

with love,

Okie Book Woman said...

Hello there. I was excited to see your comment on my blog today. Hope you come back and visit often.

I, too, like those doors. I would love to go to Charleston. It sounds like a wonderful place. I have been to all of the U.S. states except two--Florida and SC. But I'm hoping to get to those two within the next couple of years. We're going to NC this summer, so we'll probably go to Florida and SC as well.

Again, it's nice to "meet" you through the blogs.

Kerrie said...

I definitely love door knobs! The house I raised my children in was 125 yrs. old when we bought it. It had 3 full stories with the attic and I loved it. I kept the door knobs that were on a french door that led to the porch as they were faceted and looked like big diamonds. One is clear and the other is an antique pink color. Kerrie

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Janean,

I love big old doors and handles too.
Charleston sounds like a fun place to visit.
The oysters look yummy.

Have a happy weekend

Oklahoma Granny said...

There's a special place in my heart for glass door knobs. I have 4 or 5 that just sit around my house.

Technodoll said...

Oh! Be still my beating heart! What I would give to live in a castle with tall ceilings and ginormous doors... if only for a day!

Fried oysters though, eeeew. Sorry... I can't do shellfish.

But if I did, I'd totally snack on those ;-)

Pondside said...

We once owned a house with a wonderful antique door and a very pretty doorknob. I wanted to take it with us when we sold the house, but it was a big attraction and had to go with the house.
The Great Dane and I were in Charleston years ago - loved it! We took a carriage ride, walked along the battery and, yes, ate those delicious oysters - wonderful memory!

Lisa said...

Hey! That's my home you're loving!! I grew up on James Island. When my parents built our home we found bullets and cannon fragments from the Civil War. I found an Indian arrowhead once. A magical place. Every time I go home I see dolphins. Last summer we saw 9 dolphins playing between the island and the Battery. Gorgeous! Love the new bridge. Love running over it.
My husband and I play tourist every time we go home. Last year- pics of doors and gates.Dozens of pics and a tour somewhere and a new restaurant and all the usual haunts. Boohoo. I'm homesick!

SueWis said...

I'm a little late to the party, but love Charleston! Our son was married there just this past August. We tried to squeeze in some sightseeing during non-wedding time slots but would love to go back and see and do more!