Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Clothes Line

While on the laundry & soap "kick," it got me thinking about clotheslines. Until I was about ten, I helped my mom hang laundry on a line in warm weather.
It was so neat to feel the hot wind cool as it blew past the billowing, wet sheets and towels.
My grandmother used a clothesline nearly her entire life. She took great pride in color-coordinating her clothes and putting all the towels together; jeans together; shirts, etc.
Last year I bought a clothesline to use at the cottage to help the environment and the fun of it.
It's a little more work than I remembered, and you have to PLAN. You don't want your neighbors commenting on your bras and panties, so you have to leave enough towels or pillow cases to hide your (as Granny called them) "unmentionables," that I just mentioned. It's funny how old things return. Were you fortunate enough to have a clothesline at your house?


Mary Q Contrarie said...

I found I was very good at planning so I have switched to a clothes drying rack. Now I can wash in the evening or on rainy days and still have the environmental benefits.

Janean said...

Great idea, Mary. I forgot that I used to have one years ago, but gave it away. *sigh*
I'll get another one b/c they're so cheap (at least they USED to be).
I like the way they fold up.
Did you have to sand your drying rack down? I remember mine was not as smoothe as I thought it should be.