Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Friday, July 31, 2009


I enjoy doing laundry. There I said it.
I also shop for detergent like some gals shop for the perfect dress.
When we get to that isle at the grocery store with all those boxes and bottles of detergents, my husband goes in search for the "free sample" ladies.
Then there are those really, really cool detergents that are in glass bottles and all natural. Be still my heart. They have names like, Lemongrass, Grapefruit Ginger and Verbena Lavender!
Actually, all soap fascinates me.
True story: A little 10-year-old girl visited our church one evening with her mom. It was the first time she had ever been in a church. I prayed for a minute with her and then left her to talk to the Lord alone. About fifteen minutes later she told her mom, "I felt like Jesus scrubbed me all over with soap!"
She didn't know the Scripture Ephesians 5:26 that says, "He [Jesus] did this to make the Church holy by cleansing it, washing it using Water [of the Holy Spirit] along with spoken Words [The Word]."
I think the Lord may enjoy doing a little "laundry" too.

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Claudia Finn said...

beautiful!!sweet to know the scripture and the love of God is such amazing truth