Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I enjoy doing laundry.
A couple of years ago my dad called and asked, "How do you get your white towels so WHITE...and fluffy?"
I thought he was kidding and before I could form a sentence, he continued, "Your mom wanted me to ask. I've been doing the laundry the last couple of years and I've tried different detergents, but...."
After I told him what I did and what products I used, he said, "We've nicknamed you "Towella" because your towels are so great." lol.
Towella sounded like a SUPER-HERO to me. I liked it! Towella to the laundry rescue!
Bring me all your dingy, dirty, smelly towels...well, maybe not.
Move over Batman and Superman.

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Anonymous said...

How funny! *Towella* may become the new super hero of laundry queens everywhere. Great blog BTW.