Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gigi's Apron

Today I found Gigi's apron - the one she made for me about ten years ago.
I had forgotten how detailed it is.
It must have taken the "late seventy-something" saint quite a while to finish.
Gigi (remember pronounced with hard 'g's) was from Norway and though she had lived in America for more than 50 years, her accent was still strong and beautiful.
She had this habit of everyone once in a while, quickly sucking in her breath and making a "tsk" sound at the same time. At first, it startled me until I realized this was just Gigi's Norwegian way.
And though wrinkles had taken over her face and her fine hair was white, she still had a very girlish look and way about her. She was charming!
Today I remember a dear friend who no longer lives on earth, except in the hearts of her friends and family.
Thank you, Gigi, for the beautiful apron. I will pass it on to my granddaughter, along with her great, great, great grandmother's apron.


Kimsound Studios said...

I remember Gigi. One year as a secret-friend I gave a her a doll. It was a “Raggedy Ann” doll all dressed with a little dress made-up of patch work & little leather shoes. When reveal day had come and she found out I was the person who had given her the doll she embraced me in the dearest way. Her son told me later that after she took the doll home she arranged it so that it sat in her rocking chair facing the bed. Gigi was so “girlish.” Thank you Gigi for the beautiful memories.

Janean said...

sometimes it's hard to realize she's no longer here and I feel I didn't fully appreciate her then. *sigh*
Wasn't Olaus a hoot?
They made quite a couple.

Kimsound Studios said...

I remembered that he sang a song to Gigi on a anniversary. Vocals of his faithful love for her made each note enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Aprons prepare you to cook. It's like putting on your boots before walking into the rain, isn't it?

Great blog, BTW.