Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Monday, August 24, 2009

Knitted Summer Sock

I'm taking my time with these summer knitted socks and truly enjoying every stitch because I like the silk blend of the yarn.
I can knit English and Continental style, but these I'm sticking with English so the stitches will be tight and perfect.
The sound of the stainless double-pointed needles clicking and gliding have soothed my spirit.
Something about this summer has been deeply relaxing, unlike any summer I can remember, so when I slip these socks onto my feet as the weather cools down to "chilly," I'll remember the calm and joy of Summer '09 and will be glad I made these summer socks.


Kathleen Grace said...

The socks are beautiful, lovely colors:>) Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog, itled me to yours and I love it! i am adding it to my google reader immediately and I will have to come back and read right to the beginning. My grandmother wore aprons every day too, I have a red gingham and cross stich apron almost exactly like yours, almost every post I see something we have in common. My fathers side of the family is from Norway and I love old barns too. I can't wait to see every post:>)

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Good Morning. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It gave me a chance to come over and meet you! Those socks are going to be so snuggly come fall.

Thanks for your input on my fireplace and book cases. I don't know if you read through older posts of not, but we are in the process of purchasing this home. We are suppose to close on Friday. We are ripping all of the bookcases and cabinets out - they are kitchen cabinets. I can't imagaine why someone would put them around a fireplace. Keep visiting my blog and through the next year you will see me transform this house into a home.


Shelia said...

Hi! Oh, what pretty yarn. I can crochet but cannot for the life of me knit! Glad to know you're continuing to keep this craft alive.
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Janean,
Thanks so much for stopping by today and leaving me a comment. It is so true, brown is definitely the new black and with the oranges and caramels it's so warm. Stop back by anytime.


Janean said...

Kathleen, it is so much fun to see how many of us like the same things and are so alike.
To me, that has been a wonderful gift.
You are so cute peeking from behind roses. Were they grown in your garden?

Janean said...

Penny, I did read where you were purchasing the home.
So they WERE kitchen cabinets. *Giggle*
Well, the photos you had would all be wonderful choices.
I'll check often to see the progress.
Are you DIYers?

Anonymous said...

What size needles did you use?
The stitches are perfect!
I need a lot of practice b/c my stitches look lumpy. haha.
Really wonderful site.

Kimsound Studios said...

Janean, this may be off subject, but I saw a picture of babies feet yesterday and immediately thought of you. Can you make socks that small? The ones I see here are beautiful. Much love, Kim

Janean said...

Kim, babies feet make me melt. They shout "miracle" to me.
Yes, I can make tiny, tiny socks. In fact they would knit so much faster than the size for my 6 1/2 feet or my honey's 11 1/2 "dogs!" lol.
Ya never know, girlfriend when a secret pal may send you a pair...if that EVER happened what color would you like [in theory of course & knowing it's a SLLLLOOOOWWWW process]?