Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Study in White

Since all the items are white, I made the photos black and white to appreciate the details.
I purchased the bowls and covered baking crock from Pottery Barn years ago.
The custard cups (I have 12) and milk bottle came from a local store, Cockrell Mercantile.
The platter is very old Italian-made and very generous in size.
The shell dish is a thrift store find.
Most of the pieces set out on my baker's rack and are used daily.


Tracey said...

Wonderful collage!! Hope you had a nice weekend:)


Anonymous said...

White. My favorite color!
Beautiful collage.
Love the textures.
Great, great blog site.

Janean said...

Thank you for your kind remarks!
These are my every-day used bowls and white wear.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous collage.....

Anonymous said...

White bowls are so elegant.
Great blog!