Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flattery or Compliment Decor?

No one likes flattery (if we know it's flattery). Flattery is insincere. The *flatterer* usually wants something from the *flatteree,* like a promotion or favor. A compliment, on the other hand is genuine praise.
Complimentary is also an idea for decorating. Each complimentary color intensifies the other.  Here are some examples of complimentary colors in the sunset and daybreak. Notice the color intensity are matched though. In other words, the orange is not neon orange with the faded blue.
Are compliments challenging for you to accept graciously? What do you do when someone flatters you? Photos: Table setting; Purse - Amazon; Earrings; Dining room; Sitting Room; Cat art by Tampa Cat Lady (couldn't get the link to work) and a guy who can't even hope for FLATTERY...He needs a wife, wouldn't you agree?


Granny's Place said...

Enjoyed the pictures a lot. Wish you a very nice week,
greetings Madelon (Holland)

Laura said...

I think one of my favorite things to do is compliment someone- sincerely.

If only choosing complimentary colors were as easy for me!

I love the colors in your photos.

I need to make some color changes I thing-

Enjoyed visiting, as usual!

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Tennis Girl said...

Love the big kitty :) Suppose to be beautiful here in Illinois and I have the day off! Yippeeeee!

Kelli said...

He most DEFINITELY needs a wife! One who isn't colorblind! ;)

Julie said...

What an interesting post on colors and the difference in real life words. *flattery vs. complimentary.*
Good stuff to ponder. A lot of times the flattery vs. the compliment is easy to detect based on the person from whom you are receiving it, yes? :-)
That last photo is a killer!!!! lol.
Loved all the pics. Have a GREAT day. hugs.

ain't for city gals said...

I love the cat picture....wouldn't it be fun to have a little guest house done in those colors? I am going to re-do mine and those might be what I am looking for.

katie said...

Interesting how the orange is not as bright with the blue. I think I learned something new.
Yes why is it so hard to take a compliment. All you need to do is say thank you.
And that last picture, I think I dated him. teehee

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Wow! Love the colors in that dining room - it just speaks to me somehow!

Suz said...

orange and blue!

Pondside said...

Yikes, that fellow needs help!
I'm not a fan of orange and blue - could never relax in a room thus decorated, as much as I might admire the photos.
A compliment, well phrased, is a beautiful thing....for the giver it's an expression of appreciation and for the receiver it can be a lovely affirmation.

Andrea said...

Hope you have an awesome week. Thank you for being you...for your sweet comments and for your love, prayers, and encouragement.
Hugs, andrea

voiceofpendergrass said...

I love to compliment others...and it's from the heart or I don't say it. What can be hurtful is when they won't receive it or think that I'm "just saying" it. Interesting, and good thoughts to ponder.

Love the big cat and the dining room!
Fun photos.

Julie Harward said...

Very pretty...except for the guy! I love so sincerely love people with with my heart and it comes out in words! And over the years I have learned to just say..thank you..that was a hard one! Come say hi :D

kpaints said...

Love the cat, he just made me smile and yes, that young man needs a wife and maybe a few other things.....a shave for one! lol

Anonymous said...

I agree with you too -- you can feel when someone is sincere.
I love photo #1 I can see myself sitting and enjoying my surroundings!
About the last photo brings a smile and not sure I like those cord together -

Have a Happy Easter... Hoping you are have spring -- here in Oak City, it's trying -- wink!

GardenofDaisies said...

I enjoyed this post, because my house is decorated with a lot of blue. One day my sister told me that I needed some orange. My immediate response was "NO WAY!". But over the past couple of years I have noticed orange creeping into the house. First some pillows for the sofa, then a plate on a decorative stand. Nothing garish, but it's there. I love how the pics you posted showed those brownish-orangey tones in the wood furniture and blinds and metal accents in the room. I think we probably all like orange more than we realize.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Great pictures! I'm fond of the earrings, the cat, and the hydrangeas/roses :) Compliments - I'm terrible at being on the receiving end. Of course, I'll tell the complimentor(?) thank you but also every reason why it's simply not true ;-) -Tammy

Andrea said...

These colors make my heart sing, love these pictures (well, except for that last one, lol)!
I'm really not very good at the whole color balance thing in my home, need to save this post of yours and look back on it for inspiration to try something different!

Dawn said...

I always feel sorry for orange, it never gets any respect except for during the fall, and it's losing ground there with all the white pumpkins being so popular.

I love the first photo, it proves orange can be toned down and sophisticated.

Patty said...

I'm just redecoration my house in an orange/blue color scheme, I'd love to hang that cat painting on my wall, thanks for posting!

Ann Marie said...

I LOVE that first tablescape!
It's very inviting!!

Yes.. It's hard for me to say "Thank you" to compliments. Don't know why but it is.

As far as giving them.. I try and give 10 sincere compliments a day. It's really good therapy for me. :)

Mari's Cakes said...

Hi Janean,

I love the earrings...The purse is cool too.

I've left something for you in my blog:


Sweet Regards,

Technodoll said...

I try to get used to the last pics on your post because I know they'll make me jump in some way or the other, but you always take the cake! LOL LOL!

Flattery, mmmm. I just kinda take it, smile and leave it. I think.

Flatter in French means "to pet", as in "flatter un chat", pet a cat. Coincidence??

Dolores said...

JaNean, you capture the most beautiful and interesting pictures!

I'm a BIG cat person...... I absolutely love the kitty! However, I love the colors in all the pictures......

Happy@Home said...

An interesting post which has me thinking about compliments. My favorite picture is the earrings. The guy ~ well, not so much.

maura said...

I'm not sure I'm brave enough to do some of those colors but I do like complimentary colors in my home. Hmm I agree with Julie...you can tell the difference between flattery and a compliment because of who it comes from and how it's delivered. I hope you had a wounderful day Janean! Take care

Brenda said...

Great pictures. Especially enjoyed the last one!

Just Breathe said...

Not sure about that tie and shirt!
I'm pretty good with compliments.
I wasn't when I was younger but I had a dear friend and her mother taught her to always take a compliment with a big smile and thank you. Why would you want to turn away something that someone liked enough to say something about.

cindy said...

my sister-in-law's mother had a huge jar of buttons. i coveted it. i would probably do the same things you did with yours if i had that jar!!