Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Know I Shouldn't But....

Okay, i know i shouldn't but...i need energy.  We bought four boxes of those protein-energy bars at the store.   My honey (not your health-nut eater) kept going to the cupboard for an energy bar -- two or three times a day!
"May i try one of those?" i asked.  I bit into wonderful chocolate and peanut butter!   "How much sugar do these contain?"
He shrugged, "I don't know, but they're energy bars. It says right here on the package. A-n-d, they have FIBER!" he gave a single nod and smiled back all toothy-like. 
After reading the ingredients, i laughed, "They're nothing but candy bars....or glorified cookies!"   i had a light bulb moment:   Cookies are a great source of energy, at least my oatmeal raisin cookies. They have protein and fiber.  
I know I shouldn't but.....i ate a two  three  four. Know what? I was tired, but now i'm good!  
Changing the subject on purpose....What do you think about incorporating a piece of furniture like this hutch into our painted Barn House kitchen? Quaker old fashioned disappearing oatmeal raisin cookies and milk below.



Draffin Bears said...

Hi Janean,

I know you should... if they are yummy!
Love your hutch and the oatmeal cookies.

I hope that you are having a great week.


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love that hutch~ what a neat blog, glad you came by so I could find you!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Isn't it the truth about those energy bars! You are better off eating your cookies! Less chemicals.

I think that hutch just might work.

Marina Mott said...

I loved the furniture! It's beautiful! Will be just nice in your kitchen!
Delicious cookies!! You can eat the bars, but I believe your cookie is better!!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Yes, the energy bar brainwashing! If I bring those home, Dick would go through the whole box in a minute thinking he was doing something good for himself! BUT... if I make cookies, well he goes through those in a second!

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Love the hutch, be careful of those bars, make some oatmeal cookies, yum!
Happy new Year.

Anonymous said...

Janean my darling you sounded.. or should I say.. read more like you were just floating on energy bars there.

I love a good crispy oatmeal cookie and if made with bran and flax tossed in.. it's better than store boxed ones any day!

However, I'd forego the cookie for that lovely hutch there. heehee..

Love you lots my dear


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I love the hutch. With the chicken wire!! I want a piece of furniture with chicken wire on it somewhere in my house! Lucky you if you already own that beauty!!

Dawn said...

If your hutch doesn't work out for your barn house I'm sure I could find a place to work it in!

What scares me is seeing all the teens drinking those energy drinks!

Have a Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

I'm always in need of a healthy option to feel my hungry Hubby.. will give the cookies a go! And I absolutely love that hutch!!

Anke said...

The hutch is gorgeous and the cookies look delicious. Do you have a recipe to share?

It's Always Something Around Here said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I love that hutch and the cookies look yummy.

katie said...

I like both ideas.
cookies and hutch
I love the fact that it is not a kitchen cabinet but is going to become a kitchen cabinet.
love it love it

Kelli said...

Love that hutch! And those cookies aren't bad either. ;) There isn't an energy bar out there that holds a candle to 'em!

Lee said...

That is my weakness... furniture

Okay, I get weak a round a good cookie too.

Both are fabulous!

Andrea said...

I'm thinking: That's a lot of fiber, but we want talk about that.
Love the piece of furniture.
Blessings, andrea

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

That piece is GORGEOUS! I would love it love it love it!

Blondie's Journal said...

The energy bars are not my bag...they wire me!!

The hutch is gorgeous. Go for it! :-)


Anonymous said...

I say incorporate that beautiful hutch to your painted barn house furniture...and then fill it with those delicious cookies!
When I see someone eating those "health bars" because they have energy and fiber, I remind them so does FRUIT!

Melissa said...

Hey, as Bill Cosby once said about cookies. "They have eggs, butter, and all sorts of of goodness." They can't be too bad for you.

I think the hutch looks lovely.

Darlene said...

I'd definitely go for the cookies and that hutch is GORGEOUS!!!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

So nice of you to drop by on this cold, rainy day!!! Love your blog! ♥

Rhonda said...

Too funny, but true about those bars! Thanks for stopping bye my blog. I LOVE that hutch, very pretty.

{ L } said...

This post is hilarious!! And the moral of the story is eat a cookie not a protein bar. ;) Those oatmeal cookies look amazing!

Julie said...

That's a beautiful hutch! I say go for it. And as a bonus you can store more energy bars in it :D

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Love the hutch that would look amazing :).

Oh the energy bars ... I stopped having them in the house, if I'm going to eat those calories I rather it be a nice cookie like those oatmeal ones :)

Rene said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog! I'm glad you did because I love yours and will be adding it to my reader. Hopefully in 2010 I'll feel more like posting regularly so I hope you come back.



Just Breathe said...

The cookies look wonderful, I think I need to make some. I love the cabinet and I think it will look beautiful.

Technodoll said...

Wow, what a great blog you have! Thanks for stopping by to see mine, I will be back for sure :)

ps: the piece of furniture is fabulous but those cookies steal the show :)

Lynn said...

Love the hutch. Where are you thinking of putting it in the kitchen? Cookies look yummy. Is it the recipe on the Quaker Oats box? Where did you find the hutch?

Anonymous said...

Hutch is to die for -- wink! Oatmeal cookies are the one and only cookies that's SO GOOD for ya : ) on earth --hehe!

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

That hutch would look good anywhere...love it.
My husbands favorite cookie is the Quaker oatmeal raisan one. They are properly named...as they do disappear very quickly.

1 Funky Woman said...

Oh I love that hutch, amazing. And forget the energy bars, I'd take one of your cookies over one of them...lol!

Barbara Jean said...

oh i LOVE that hutch!!
You could put that anywhere!

Off to see more of your blog.

blessings in 2010

barbara jean

PS Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment =0)

Cora said...

Love the hutch...I would so go for it. It would fit anywhere for me!

Grace said...

I just love oatmeal raisin cookies! Mmm, yummy!

(Thanks for the comment on my blog!)

Happy (almost) New Year!

-Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs

Jeanie said...

Mmmm, beautiful furniture and yummy cookies all in one post. Love them both!

Lindsay said...

Where did you get that gorgeous piece of furniture? LOVE IT! Hope you are having a happy holidays! Hugs!