Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines 2015

Eons, centuries, ages, many years ago a teenaged couple went on a day-time blind date set up by their best friends (who were dating). 
At the close of the date, they went to a beautiful city park, held hands and talked about everything. It was the beginning of a long and loving relationship. 
Who knew so many years and moves later they would still be married, in love and planning to revisit the same park on Valentines?
I adore this classic G-rated movie!!! Perhaps it's because my hubby is like Redford's character: loving, but more serious and practical. I think I'm a little like Fonda's: more willing for adventure and emotional.
Who are you most like? Fonda, Redford, the patient mom? Or maybe even the bohemian neighbor? Got any Valentines plans?


Jojo said...

Love that film and thanks for the reminder. I think I need to watch Barefoot in the Park and Sunday in New York, back-to-back.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Janean said...

Jojo, I'll have to check Sunday in New York!