Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Friday, February 13, 2015

Vintage-inspired Vanity to Build - Part 1

Our budget to renovate Old Sweetwater was miniscule. We got our cottage functional enough to move in, but after three, five, seven weeks of *roughing it,* I wanted to finish just ONE room.
We spent $14.00 to finish the bathroom because we used scraps [my husband keeps everything] and former purchases. Yay! I was asked to do a tutorial on IG for this vanity. Here's a stripped-down version:

  • 4 legs-33 inches tall [square edges = easy] 
  • 1 piece of 3/8" plywood 19-1/2" X 31" for the top which allows 1/2" hang over on three sides 
  • 1 piece of zinc-coated steel flashing at least 20" wide, 34" long
  • Tin snips, emery cloth and gloves 
  • 5 pieces of 1X4X8 pine lumber [I beat the crazy out of them so they'd look old]
  • 1 piece 8 foot long of 3/4" grooved pine flooring for doors and sides [there are other options we'll discuss later]
  • 1 galvanized bucket
  • 4 small hinges
  • 1 set of wall-mounted faucets**
  • Paint, glue, nails and the basic tools to cut and nail it all together
  • Note: the symbol " is inches and save yourself grief by dry-fitting it all together before nailing.
Photo A
1) 4 maple legs from a  twin bed bought at auction years ago. Photo A.
2) Four 1X4's cut 24" in length. [Two 3" legs + 24" = 30" vanity.] See photo B  
3) Cut 8 - 3/4" X 18" long from 1X 4 to nail rails-stiles to. See photo B 
4) Four 1X4 cut 13-1/2" for the sides
5) Nail together remembering you have 3/4" doors and sides to attach. Hard part done. Part 2 to come.

Photo B

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Karen L. Bates said...

This is just the cutest idea ever. If I had room it would go into the laundry room. I have an old sink that I have been wanting to do this with....outside by the coop. I thought it would make a great sink hooked up to the hose when the gals bring over there vintage trailers. I really love this used with the zink and the wash tub though. Hummm. Have you got me starting a project? Pretty darn close.