Old Sweetwater

Old Sweetwater

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Silhouette Decor

Fourth was my worst grade for many reasons, but the one *highlight* of that school year was when the teacher made silhouettes of each student.  I remember just staring at it....and though it had no features, I thought it was beautiful. In fact, I still have it.  By a miracle, it was one of the two things my mother kept from my childhood. (She didn't save things)
I wondered if silhouettes could be incorporated into decor and I found some inspirations. Has anyone else a silhouette of yourself or family?  Photos: Country Living...the jewelry is available on Etsy...and just so you know, the last silhouette is wearing leotards and tights *wink*


Julie said...

Hi Janean!

Silhouettes. what an interesting post and you pulled up some memories... I remember when one of our babysitters came one night and instead of the ordinary tv and games, she pulled out a flashlight, taped paper to the wall and then traced the silhouettes of myself, my sister, and my brother. The next week, she brought back to us, and my mom our silhouette busts done in black and the background was large white posterboard stock. My mom was tickled pink, and we thought she was the next Rembrandt or something. :-) Her name was Ann and she was in college. I lvoe that fourth pic down. Everything in the setting is appealing!
Thanks for a memory provoking post. I enjoyed myself as always
that last one....INDEED!!! I have seen that one on many a mudflap on big tractor-trailer rigs...LOL!!!
HUGS to you. Hope you are doing better each day.

Jojo said...

My mother had silhouettes done for my older brother and sister but I never had one done. I too thought it was beautiful and what a beautiful keepsake for you!

sissie said...

Oh my goodness! I never knew that silhouettes could be used in decor in such lovely ways.

I'm crazy about the chair back. Love it.

I also couldn't help but love the table that was created using the two plant urns.....very clever.


Cindy said...

the moulding on the turquoise wall in the first picture is amazing!! my mom had silhouettes made of us kids when i was little too. i wonder if she still has them.


kimsound studios said...

Love the cats & the cage!
Love it! Love it!
Big smile,

Marcy {pine creek cottage} said...

Love silhouettes! These examples are stunning, well the last one being the exception ! Adore the black Windsor bench in there too.

FairfieldHouse said...

Hi Janeen,

I remember sitting in front of a slide projector (remember those?) and having my kindergarten teacher trace my silhouette onto black construction paper with chalk. They were cut out and matted. I think they were Christmas gifts "we" made for our parents.
Not sure where mine is. I will have to keep my eyes open for it while sorting through my mother's home.
I would incorporate it into my decorating.
Your Friend,

Dolores said...

I'm amazed at all the lovely silhouette's. Thankfully your mom saved yours...
I don't have one or any, but I'm surprised how many people have them....
Thinking of you....

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

When I was a child silhouettes were very 'in', and while I never had one of me, I have always wanted one. I have always loved cameos for that very reason - a silhouette carved out of a hard surface can only be cool, right? But I must admit, as the mommy of two Doxies, I am truly coveting that silhouette of the sweet Doxie - so gorgeous!!!

And Janean, I am doing as you asked - often. I hope things are going well! B.

Suz said...

Hi Janean.thank you for your comments about my writing..means alot..
I love the dog postcard...what a wonderful little piece of art...
love collaged things
loved the necklace.actually anything that clinks around on a chain I am drawn too...think I need a shrink? ;)

Deb said...

I remember those we did them in the 2nd grade..fun memory..

Dawn said...

Ha ha! She's getting ready for pliates right?

Laura said...

Ooh Ooh!
I love silhouettes, and my daughter really does.
She has painted some in fact.

I hope you are doing well-
Your blog looks wonderful.
I am off to read more of your posts!

White Spray Paint

Pondside said...

Not being a big fan of black and white I've never thought about silhouettes in decor. I wish I'd had silhouettes made of my children when they were small, as there's something so very poignant about a child's silhouette.

debbie said...


Andrea said...

I remember the silhouettes we use to get done at theme parks when I was young.

Farm Girl said...

You remind me of so many things buried in my mind. I love silhouettes. I was in first grade when my teacher did one of me for my Mom for Mothers Day.
I just did a silhouette of a young girl sewing in counted cross stitch.I do love them so much.
Thanks Janean for reminding me.

Marie said...

I love silhouettes too! I really like the first two images you posted. Light blue and black look so good together.

Technodoll said...

LOL! that last one is a CLASSIC!


I'd love to see a photo of your silhouette from 4th grade :)

Solange said...

how special those silhouettes are, I don't have any, just never really thought about it... maybe I should give it a try.
enjoy your weekend.

Bernie said...

Oh sweetie these silhouettes are so nice. When I think of a silhouette of myself I burst out laughing......would not be a pretty site...have great weekend my friend.......:-) Hugs

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Janean, I believe I still have silhouettes of my children in a box somewhere. I haven't thought about those in years. Now I feel like searching for them...I'm sure they'd bring back lots of fun memories. I hope you're having a wonderful day...Maura :)

Karen said...

My kids had one done at school. I may have it somewhere....? Don't have any silhouettes around my house, though. lol at your last one, most of those I've seen on trucks. :)

Lisa said...

I love these! They are such fun!
Hugs, Lisa

Rita said...

Janean, I have a silhouette of myself when I was a young woman of about 20. I had a big, boufount hairdoo and laugh when I see it. I have it tucked away, but enjoy seeing it from time to time! PS... I also wore the "cat eye" glasses! ha!

The Tablescaper said...

Great post and great collection of silhouette photographs. I think I have my grade school one tucked away. It's a shame they don't do them anymore.

Thanks for your visit.

I'd love to have you come and join in Summer Sundays!

- The Tablescaper

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Janean,

It was lovely to come and visit you today and I enjoyed your post today on Silhouettes.
Love the way that they have been incorporated in decorating around the home. The dog postcard is cute.

Happy weekend

Anonymous said...

Can you believe I have never done a silhouettes -- these silhouettes you show are delightful -- the cows silhouettes have given me a few ideas -- thanks for reminding me it's never to let to do a silhouettes! Your friend Kristeen -- the one who still dreams of a red barn -- and who missed placed your blog address and just now found it -- hope all is going well!

Julie Harward said...

Hi, thanks for your visit. I love these..have never made one worth framing though..but they are very cool! :D

koralee said...

Oh I sooooo agree with you Sihouettes are amazingly beautiful..I remember years ago falling in love with them at Disneyland..my mom had one done of me...I must find that when I visit my mom and dad next week.
Happy weekend my friend. xoxoo

Kerrie said...

I love silhouettes and yours are lovely!! We have made a book of silhouettes, all my own design but have not published it. They are reminiscent of my child hood as the depict activities of the times. Hugs, Kerrie

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

It's such a timeless look and looks great with so many styles.

Really love the office with the plates on the walls.

Linz said...

ok...the silhouettes on the plates just got me. i absolutely love that idea.

Sandy at Teacup Lane said...

Wow...what memories you bring up. Actually 4th grade was the best year ever for me. I had 29 As that year, a teacher named Miss Keys whom I adored (she wasn't pretty, was middled aged and had a hump on her back but she was the nicest, sweetest and best teacher I ever had). And my Mother had a silhouette done of me as a child (but not my two brothers). I don't remember where we had it done. But my Mother (who also NEVER saved things) did save my silhouette - a black paper cut out of my head put on a rough piece of board. It is hanging in my guest bedroom and I think I should do a post about it one of these days. Great post and loved all the photos.